Financing & Insurance

Financing & Insurance

Most foreign buyers in Berlin self-finance their purchases. German banks are very conservative especially when it comes to financing foreigners. Foreign buyers should expect no more than 60% of market value of the property financed.

If you decide on local financing, we can assist you with mortgage from a local bank. We work closely with Deutsche Bank, Berliner Volksbank, Post Bank and have a good track record of obtaining financing. We are also part of ProHyp Financing Network that covers over 300 Banks and Financial Institutions in Germany.

Our Finance Fee is paid by the Lending Bank and free for the Borrower. If you need help with getting your documents together or translations, we charge hourly Document Processing Fee of 50 €/hr + VAT(19%) = 59,50 €/hr.

We can also help you with property insurance. Property insurance is fairly inexpensive and varies from 50 €/year for a small flat to 500 €/year for a large expensive property.

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