Sales Service

If you are interested in selling your property through our agency, we will be happy to help. We market our properties on all major German Real Estate Websites, through our Partner Agencies, International Real Estate Portals, Google AdWords. Our ads run in English, German and other major languages, to allow maximum exposure. The Sales Fee in Berlin is typically paid by the Buyer and is free of charge for the Seller.

We can advise you how best to present your property and to maximize sales’ price. Often a small investment in renovation and interior decoration can significantly increase sales price. Most buyers in Berlin today are foreigners and are not interested in renovation projects. If your property would benefit from renovation, we offer a full range of renovation services.

We typically charge less than a customary 6% + VAT(19%) = 7,14% brokerage fee. Our fees vary from 2% + VAT(19%) = 2,38% for large commercial objects to 6% + VAT(19%) = 7,14% for small inexpensive apartments. We also share our commission with most real estate agents, which further increases property exposure.

Sales Service Fee
2% to 6% plus VAT
(2,38% to 7,14% incl. VAT)
of the Sales Price

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