Project Development

Project Development

If you are looking for Development Projects, we can help you with following:

1. Find a suitable development property: a building or a plot
If you are looking for property development projects we can help with finding a suitable residential or commercial property that can be converted, renovated, subdivided and privatized. We can also find a land plot for a construction project. We know the city well and know how to find well priced properties suitable for developments.

2. Prepare a business plan & perform project evaluation
Once we find a good development property, we come up with various concepts and do financial evaluation for each.

3. Perform technical, legal & financial Due Diligence
Once the project is selected and reserved, we help with technical, legal and financial Due Diligence. We have engineers and architect who inspect the property and come up with various designs and cost estimates. Our attorneys check the documents and contracts to make sure there are no hidden liabilities. Our accountants check the financial documents and advise on tax issues related to the purchase and structuring of the SPV, that is to undertake the project.

4. Financing: secure property & construction loans
We work with various local Banks that finance development and construction projects and can try to help with non-recourse project financing.

5. Construction & renovation management
We can help you manage your project. We have architects and engineers, who are experienced in running renovation and construction projects. We have teams of specialized building contractors, who we have a long working relationship with. We can manage your project from start to finish.

6. Property subdivision & privatization
We advise and help with property division and privatization/condominization.

7. Property marketing & sales
Once property is divided into apartment size units, we help with marketing the project and selling the units. We prepare marketing literature, advertising, exposes and market the project until it is successfully sold.

8. Advise on project SPV legal structure for financial & tax optimization
We and our legal and tax advisers help you structure your company/investment vehicle for tax optimization of your investors.

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