About Berlin

Living in the capital

Berlin is the capital of Germany, the EU’s most populated and economically stable country. Berlin is situated almost at the center of Europe and is connected to the rest of Europe by an extensive road and rail network and served by numerous discount and major air carriers.

Berlin has one of the best public transportation systems, consisting of underground (U-Bahn & S-Bahn), trams and buses, all operating 24/7. Taxis are very inexpensive here. During warm months bikes provide another transportation option.

Berlin is one of the greenest and cleanest capitals. It is a cultural metropolis with largest number of museums and galleries per capita. There is always something interesting happening to suit anyone’s tastes. The city offers great quality of living and is very affordable.

You can find information about Berlin, its history, culture, economy, people and events on Wikipedia and on Berlin’s Official Website:


brandenburg gate
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