Search Service

We can help you find the property you are looking for, in the right area and at the right price.
Do you know the city, language, rules, regulations and customs?? Are you being offered a fair market price? We take guesswork out of your search!

In Berlin a Real Estate Commission is typically paid by a Buyer. A standard Commission is 6% + VAT(19%)= 7,14%. As a rule, real estate Agents here do not share their Commission with other Agents. Most will show you only what they have in their inventory. Do not expect them to help you find what you are looking for.

We search the entire Berlin Market and provide an unbiased advice. We have a working relationship with many local real estate agents and house management companies. We often find properties that are not yet on the market.
Prior to your search we find out what you are looking for, the purpose of your investment, type of property, budget, etc. We scan all major local real estate websites to generate a list of properties that meet your criteria. We visit them on your behalf and select around 10 best suited from the initial list.

After our survey is done, we review the list with you and select the properties of interest. You will come to Berlin to view properties with us. We will provide cost estimates and expected rental income for each property. Once you have selected a property we will help you negotiate the price with a seller.

Search Fee:

3% plus VAT
(3,57% incl. VAT)
for the first 500.000

2% plus VAT

(2,38% incl. VAT)
or any additional amount up to
3 Mil.

1% plus VAT

(1,19% incl. VAT)
for any additional amount above 3 Mil.

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